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House Pages '01-'02
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Page Updates

Here is what has been going on with the fall and spring pages of 2001-2002:

5/1702 -- How've you been?  Life at home is really boring so I decided to make a web page!  Send me your comments, etc.  If you want to post news on the website (or just want to e-mail me) about yourself, pages in general, etc, e-mail me at!  I know the Page formal is coming up so you'll have to tell me all about that!  I love and miss you all!  -Ash

6/13/02 -- Okay, so no one has e-mail me any updates but everyone should do so asap!  I know that the reunion is already in planning and I can't wait to see you all soon!  -Ash

8/5/02 -- I was looking at the page update and saw that there was none, what a shame, so I figured Ill give everyone a glimpse into my life, with a exclusive and share a story or two.  But first the members of the boy band were: Silver Fox, J-Ditty, Wally, Gargoyle, and best of all, ROD THE IMPALER!  But anyway, I was running to stay pretty for you, around my lake and I heard an odd noise.  I looked over and for the first time in my 10 years of living in my house that someone around the lake had a chicken coop.  Well before I realized the gate was open from behind me the squaking and flapping of a 500 pound rooster is coming at me.  Well the bastard charged and before I knew it, it was clawing and flapping me.  Well I ran away and escaped it but, with several bruises, I ran a different way home.  I wasnt going to give the rooster the satisfaction of making me cry.  Also my neighbors house burned down.  I only mention it because as you well know I often do my FIRE FIRE dance.  Well when I heard the sirens I screamed, theyre coming for me cause theres a fire in my loins and proceeded to do the Fire thing for my poor unsuspecting friends.  Well there was a fire but not in my loins, in my friends home.  Unfortunately the next night a pool ball hit me in my loins, not a pleasant experience.  Ok well thats all for now, if theres no more soon, Ill keep em coming (you should have a page dedicated to me if that is the case).  Oh a bear cub beat up my dog.  Dont worry my dog is 18, at this point I dont know if she can die.  Ok well toodles. -Dominic

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