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House Pages '01-'02
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Here are some links I think might be interesting, but e-mail me with more ideas! -- This is a great website run by former Page Billy Kwilos... check it out while you can though, because unfortunately it is going to be gone after May! -- This seems to have some kinks in it right now but looks like it will be great once everything is worked out! -- Read "Congressional Pages Remain in Washington."  Yeah Zach and Ashley G! -- Check out the Future Leaders? paragraph.  It's about our fall pages. -- So my question is, where's our mail? -- This has that famous picture of Lauren O, Jordan, Gretchen, Alison B, Mallory, and several people's hands (sorry Dominic, Hilary, Eddie and the rest of you)! -- This is about how Congresswoman Harmon talked to some scared pages at the State of the Union -- This is a fact sheet about the building of our dorm -- More about our dorm (you have to scroll a bit) -- Kind of funny and includes a note about our fully staffed school (about the sixth paragraph under Chapter 2) -- This is a link to the Congressional Cemetery that Mr. Oliver was involved in. -- For all of you that need to track a bill -- The basic House of Representatives website -- Check out Ron Jolly's "question."  I don't think I ever really learned anything that interesting as a Page. -- Did you know that we are mentioned in Title 2, Chapter 4, Section 88b-1 of the US Code?  Absolutely fascinating. -- We're also in Title 2, Chapter 4, Section 88b-5! -- Did you also know that it was Pages that started the Capitol Steps?  Check out the very bottom of this website. -- Check out Paging busted Pages -- Read Conan O'Brien's quote about 1/3 of the way down the page. -- The official class of 1984/85 website -- This is a link to a 1997 newsletter for the 1986/87 class.,1902,13959,00.html -- This has a short paragraph about when Bill Gates stopped to greet pages -- This is kind of interesting (remember the CRS reports we read for the Page Model Congress) and it mentions that 7 members of Congress used to be Pages. -- Apparently Congressional Pages used to live in this place -- Check out the fourth paragraph or the fourth reason to attend the Congress.  My question is why anyone would want to be a Congressional Page over the Speaker of the House? -- Another example, check out page 11.